Coquina Cay Florida Waterfront Condo Living

Coquina Cay is the perfect place to be at peace with your soul and enjoy the fruits of life! Located on the waterfront off the west gulf coast near St. Petersburg, Florida, Coquina Cay is a true island paradise. Luxury waterfront Condos and Apartments provide safe haven to experience this sub-tropical island with remarkable views. Take pleasure in the warm sea breezes from your luxury apartment or condo and appreciate the pristine white sandy beaches and the reassuring surf. If this sounds delightful to you then perhaps you have found your place to live on Coquina Cay.

Luxury Waterfront Island Condominiums, Apartments and Coquina Cay Homes

Coquina Cay living is a life lived in perfect balance in the luxury condominiums, apartments and homes available. An exclusive, very private resort style island, Coquina Cay seems remote, away from all the stresses and cares of the world. Conversely, CoquinaCay’s luxury condos and apartments are close to the mainland where world-class restaurants featuring internationally-influenced exotic cuisines, as well as traditional American favorites, abound. Coquina Cay condominiums and homes are also minutes away from pleasant distractions like exclusive dress shops, theaters, concert halls, country clubs and top-notch golf courses.

Take care of the natural and healing part of yourself in Coquina Cay luxury apartment or condos by indulging in trips to the numerous fresh market orange and vegetable stands, artisan shops, and beautiful beaches replete with warm sea breezes and shady palm trees. These are the elements of a life you will get to experience daily at Coquina Cay. Maybe you have found your place to live on Coquina Cay!